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    TLC All Seasons Magnetic Clip & Zip Quilt Set


    Clip It Up, Zip It In, Let The Magic Begin 

    Our All Seasons Magnetic Clip & Zip quilt set is the first of its kind, and we need your help with bringing this bad boy to bedrooms around Australia. 

    Harnessing the incredible power of waterproof Neodymium magnets fixed securely to each corner of the quilt and quilt cover, we have created a quilt set that zips up at the base and is not a pain in the backside to put on.

    The TLC Clip & Zip Quilt Set will match any bedroom ensemble you are currently rocking! It also fits any ordinary quilt or cover. So if it sparks joy, don't throw it out, just spice things up a little!


    • 8 x easy-to-use waterproof magnets for securing quilt & cover in respective corners.
    • Two-sided pinstripe-navy colour combo.
    • Premium quality lightweight goose feather insulator makes for a perfect quilt choice all year round.
    • Hidden zipper along the base. 
    • Box and vacuum-sealed bag - perfect for storage!


    • 1 X Magnetic Clip & Zip Quilt Cover made from 100% Cotton 
    • 1 X Magnetic Clip & Zip Quilt made from 10% Goose Down, 90% Goose Feather