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    The Semi-Fitted Top Sheet

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    Semi-Fitted Top Sheet With Centre Logo

    "Putting your average top sheet on is a total pain in the arse," Corbin from Coonabarabran.

    You asked, and we listened! The TLC semi-fitted top sheet helps to prevent your sheets from playing silly buggers in the middle of the night. There is nothing worse than an untucking, slipping and sliding top sheet that ends up crumpled up at the base of your bed. Our limited edition TLC semi-fitted top sheet will rock your world! 

    How do they work?

    The fitted element of the top sheet runs for 45cm at the base. This allows the sheet to slip under the foot of the bed, much like a fitted sheet and remains loose at the sides like a top sheet.

    Trying to get an even tuck on either side of the top sheet has always cut the men from the boys. We have solved that issue too and added the TLC Logo with centreline marked for ease of locating the guts of your sheet and getting the perfect tuck every time.  


    • Our signature 60% Bamboo 40% Cotton blend. 1X Flat Semi-Fitted Top Sheet with centre logo (the perfect made bed, every time).
    • 45cm in fitted elastic along each side.
    • Above-industry average sheet depth of 46cm. 

    PRESALE - Dispatch April 15