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    Care Guide

    Fellas, TLC sheets are as easy to clean as deleting a Kebab with ‘the lot’ on a Sunday night. 


    Wash your sheets as soon as they rock up to your pad, then every 7- 10 days after that.

    Your TLC sheets are your BABEH…be gentle...that means gentle wash with cold water. No warm wash or they’ll end up looking like a goat on a vertical cliff face.

    Keep your TLC sheets separate from other fabric and linens. Avoid washing with any other items that have zippers, wires or buttons, as this can impact the fabric.

    Unidentified Fun Stains (UFS)

    Use regular washing powder. No bleach or fabric softeners or they’ll deteriorate quicker than a penguin in the desert. 


    Don’t be a piece of sheet, hang your sheets to dry like your mother does. The sun also kills bacteria - there’s your daily fun fact :). You can use a tumble dryer but go easy on the old girl – set it to low, which will avoid the package shrinking ;) –  which is every man’s worst nightmare on a cold day. Set the iron on low folks but you probably won’t ever need to.


    Store them away from direct sunlight. Think of Will Smith in the movie ‘I am Legend’ and do the opposite.


    Have a rotation of 2-3 sets of TLC sheet sets. One on the bed and two in the chamber – we don’t want you making a bed like a peasant EVER again with ANY other sheets. Sheets are also scientifically proven to be gross after 12-18 months, so replace them after that :).

    Follow this piece of piss list of instructions and your sheet will be TOGETHER!!!

    Cheers mate,

    Ed & Billy
    The Lad Collective


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