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    Hair, Body and Balls (1L)

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    Gone are the days where partners have to bear the burden of men, around Australia, insistently pumping their expensive Jo Malone into oblivion.

    Our 3-in-1 shower wash is nothing short of essential for any Aussie LAD in need of a shower wash that does EXACTLY what the name says it does. 

    The Hair, Body & Balls wash keeps even the wildest mullet hair-do glistening, while leaving your body feeling so fresh you may as well be swimming in a crystal clear creek in the Daintree Rainforest… watch out for crocs. 

    Your often neglected ball bag also gets a clip of the ticket, as our gentle formula is designed to keep your nether regions feeling fresh, and in working order. The HBB definitely puts the GO in your GONADS.